Swedish Audio Technology (S.A.T.) Tonearm

31500 €

"The Best Tonearm in the World"

"Sin lugar a dudas, el S.A.T. es el mejor brazo del mundo" Cliff Orman

Cosmos Hi-Fi es la única tienda en España con el brazo S.A.T. en demostración permanente.


SAT pickup arms deliver the highest level of performance available today, using state of the art development and manufacturing methods.


SAT arms are the reference which the industry compares to, providing the ultimate analog playback experience.


Our designs prioritize the final performance of the arm. We strive, though, to create designs which have an elegant, technical and atractive look without compromising their mechanical integrity.


Swedish Analog Technologies provides products that will last a lifetime, even generations, and will be great value investments over the years.


Swedish Analog Technologies is a family business, taking care of the complete product cycle, from the concept to the assembling and service to our customers.


We want to build up a close and friendly relationship with our customers to whom we owe our appreciation for believing in us.